Frequently Asked Questions 

Do your models enjoy what they do?

Absolutely! Our girls all have an enthusiasm for meeting new people, are adventurous and open to all walks of life. All of our team feels very privileged to be working with true gentleman and proud to bear the Madison Ave name.

Do the models smoke or use drugs?

We make sure to hire non-smokers whenever possible…we want your experience to be as enjoyable as possible without the odors of 2nd hand smoke. As far as drugs, we have a 100% drug free policy.

Do the models wear perfume?

Madison discourages all scents; your anonymity is of upmost importance. When a model is finished her session the only thing she should leave behind is a fond memory.

Do any of the Madison Ave girls have tattoos or piercings?

Yes. These are the times of body modification. It would be nearly impossible to find a young woman today without some form of branding. For privacy, we Photoshop all noticeable markings out of the pictures…this includes natural marks as well such as birth and beauty.

Do your models travel?

All Madison Ave girls enjoy travel and would be delighted to vacation abroad with you!

Are your younger models ok with much older gents?

Without a doubt. In fact we have heard on several occasions that older men are preferred. Older or younger as long as mutual respect is shown, our ladies are happy.

Madison Ave Models

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